About Audra Esch

Audra was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but she hoped she would be living in Los Angeles one day. Through school and career choices and making awesome friends with similar aspirations, she finally found herself living in this crazy city. She was happy to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and using her drawing and artistic skills. Yet, deep down she knew one of her greatest desires was to simply paint. One day she had the opportunity to go and paint plein air in Malibu. The beautiful weather of that day, the encouragement of friends and friendly onlookers (and the eventual sale of that painting!) was a wonderful experience. Thus began the search for places to paint “in her own backyard”. Not long after, she found a group of wonderful people with similar plein air painting aspirations which makes every painting adventure an even greater experience. It became not just about the beautiful sites, but about the beautiful people that accompany each site that make it a treasure worth painting.