Take a Shot

At painting, I mean. I’m not a big advocator of doing shots, but I’ve had this cool little shot glass for a while. I wanted to continue with my small painting studies and it seemed to fit perfectly along with my little mandarin oranges. And since I love painting orange on blue, I set it all … Continue reading Take a Shot


Have a Cup of Tea

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems wherever you go, that’s where other people want to be too? I’m not talking about the wonders of law of attraction. I’m talking about the annoying thing where you’re looking at some birthday cards at the grocery store, minding your own business, and as soon as you … Continue reading Have a Cup of Tea


Los Angeles Ballet

I should get in the habit of posting after each painting! Ah well, I’ll condense this all into one narrative and make it my goal to post after each painting for the month of April. This year started out meeting wonderful new people and a lot of them happened to be ballet dancers for Los Angeles … Continue reading Los Angeles Ballet


Walt Disney Concert Hall

I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles – downtown was sketch and disappointing to say the least. There are definitely places that could still use help, but there has been quite an improvement over the years. In fact, in the words of my roommate – it feels like there is intentional design behind much of … Continue reading Walt Disney Concert Hall


The Wiltern

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost a decade, but last summer was the first time I truly noticed the Wiltern and I wondered again why I waited so long to go out and paint – and how could I be so unaware of the great places in Los Angeles?! It was designed in my favorite architectural style … Continue reading The Wiltern