Still life in close up

Entertaining the Residents

Painting and subjectFinal Still Life PaintingDuring my visit to Oregon for the holidays, I had the privilege of painting for the residents at the Dallas Retirement Village in Dallas, Oregon – my mom works there, so she generously offered my services. I say that jokingly because why would I say no?! It’s always a joy for me to paint! It was a nice change of pace to do a still life as well. I realize over and over that I’m happy painting anything as long as I include things that keep my eye interested in what I’m looking at such as reflection, light, shadow, bright colors, etc. Since I have a lot of control over a still life, I included bright red flowers, a crystal vase and a highly reflectant surface. Fortunately, the room they had me painting in had plenty of natural light as well. Natural light allows the eye to see the original color opposed to artificial which can cast an unnatural tint depending on the type of bulb.

I’m not a big talker when I’m painting, but I’m happy to answer questions. Fortunately, the residents were engaged and had questions. My mom ended up claiming the painting, but note, she’s the only one who gets my art for free. If you want to hire me for a painting demonstration, an event, or a commission please send me an email for specific rates.

All in all, it was a fun time and most of the residents stayed awake!

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