Greystone Mansion Water Lilies



brightpinkliliesThis year has been a whirlwind of painting en plein air (painting on location) to get my first show up. (The show just ended, but the venue 320 Wine Lounge is still there, which I highly recommend if you want to experience great wine and the latest up-and-coming artists.) The locations produced a plethora of wonderful reference materials, so I’ll be finishing up the year in the studio and turning those materials into paintings which will be going into my In Close-Up Collection. I plan to get out in the field again at the beginning of next year.

Right now I’m finishing up a set of 8x8s that come from my visits to Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. These particular water lilies come from the Reflection Pond (here’s that finished painting:  Fine Art Print or Original). If you’ve never been and would like to experience just a taste of what a British garden is like, then this is a must see. It’s a public park open during the day and perfect for a visit with friends and family, for some quiet contemplative alone time, or a romantic stroll. Many of my favorite films have been shot there including There Will Be Blood and The Big Lebowski. Let me know if you’ve visited (or plan to visit) Greystone Mansion and what your experience was like, would love to hear it in the comments below!

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