Have a Cup of Tea

Tea and Lemon
Tea and Lemon, oil on canvas panel

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems wherever you go, that’s where other people want to be too? I’m not talking about the wonders of law of attraction. I’m talking about the annoying thing where you’re looking at some birthday cards at the grocery store, minding your own business, and as soon as you step over to look at something, someone comes up right next to you and reaches in front of you. As soon as you scooch over a little, they scooch right with you. I. Hate. That. And it seemed to happen everywhere I went.

I think this is why subconsciously, I really really wanted to paint a cup of tea. It’s therapeutic and it’s usually something I enjoy by myself, where NO ONE is encroaching on my space. Makes sense. But then why go to the effort of painting a cup of tea when I could just drink it? Because painting for me is even more therapeutic. It helps me stop, put things in proper perspective instead of freaking out and blowing things out of proportion. And then I get paranoid and keep thinking, “what’s wrong with me that I need art therapy all the time?” But actually, isn’t everything we enjoy doing, whether it’s work or play or work that feels like play, the ultimate therapy?

A couple of details about the painting: the little spoon is from my grandmother’s US state spoon collection that I inherited, so expect to see the spoons show up time and again; the lemon comes from Trader Joe’s, a place I usually find relaxing unless someone wants to stand exactly where I’m standing. If you would like to purchase this work, you can find it listed here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/270566235/tea-and-lemon-still-life-original-oil

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