Kenneth Hahn Recreational Park

After taking a break from plein air, I needed a location that was relaxing, but didn’t need mkennethhahn1uch time to plan out. I just needed to get back into painting and not worry about logistics. Kenneth Hahn provided just that. So much so, that I went back twice. The two paintings you see here are from two separate visits, but I sat in practically the same spot for both. I love this park because there is a variety of beautiful and restful places to visit – check out my painting kennethhahn2from a previous visit: The Japanese Garden. There are also lovely trails, and as it’s part of a large hill, you can see all of Los Angeles from the top. You’ll probably see a painting of that in the future. Overall, it’s a great place to take a break from city life. When I tell people about it, their reaction is “that’s in Los Angeles?!” Yes, and you can even fish there!

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