Los Angeles Ballet







I should get in the habit of posting after each painting! Ah well, I’ll condense this all into one narrative and make it my goal to post after each painting for the month of April. This year started out meeting wonderful new people and a lot of them happened to be ballet dancers for Los Angeles Ballet. I thought, “this is odd and very cool”, but didn’t think too much of it until I was looking at a print of Degas ballerinas on my wall – as I often do – and suddenly realized my oft accompanied thought “I’d love to paint ballerinas” could actually become a reality. I wrote an email right away and lo and behold my dream became a reality.

I was graciously invited to come to a class and rehearsal to take photos. I took plenty from which to choose, so the two main things that informed my choices were lighting and ballet poses. Side note, I am not a professional photographer! It would probably help if I was better at it, but if I can get  a range of color and range of light to dark in a set of photos then there is usually enough information for me to paint successfully. I had bright cool natural light coming from the windows and warm orange hues coming from the incandescent lighting. Depending on which angle I shot, I could get one or the other or a combination of the two. It also helped that the floor was highly reflective. I love to paint water, so I was pleased the floor had a similar effect. In two of the paintings, the floor reflects the blue of the natural light, and the incandescent lighting warmed the dancers for a wonderful color contrast.

An added bonus: most of the paintings featured my two friends, Ashley and Allyssa! I didn’t do that on purpose, but somehow they always ended up in the best lighting. Just before I finished the last painting I had the privilege of seeing the Los Angeles Ballet perform The Sleeping Beauty. It was so beautiful and so exciting to see my friends do amazing things! The performance highlighted the whole experience, one for which I will always be grateful and always cherish!

If you would like to purchase an original from the Los Angeles Ballet series you can find them here: Art in Close Up Original Paintings or if you would like to purchase a print, you can find them here: Art in Close Up Fine Art Prints.

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