Culver Pacific Stadium Theater 12
Original Art

Culver Pacific Stadium 12 Theatre


8×10 in.
Oil on canvas panel

“Culver Pacific Stadium – a place that contains the fondest of memories and the promise of dreams.” -Audra Esch

I imagined myself painting this theatre a few years back before I realized what I was imagining. The day I finally decided to do it, it started out perfect with lovely Culver City visitors, but the wind picked up and swept me to my studio sooner than I wanted to.

  • The gold spheres naturally drew attention to the building and so ultimately became a highlight in this painting.
  • Painted on location at Culver Pacific Stadium 12 Theater in Culver City and finished in Audra’s studio.

Experience Culver Pacific Stadium.

  • Original works of art are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Title