View from Burton Chace Park
Original Art

View from Burton Chace Park


8 x 10 in.
Oil on canvas panel


“I simply wanted to paint a few boats, sky and water but Burton Chace offers much more than that.” -Audra Esch

There were seals on the docks, paddle boarders and so many different views of boats that I almost couldn’t choose. I finally decided on this spot even though people were working on the mast of the boat. But not knowing if the boat would sale away at any moment added to the excitement of capturing the scene on canvas.

  • The brief brush strokes of the boat and docks break up the serenity of the sky and water.
  • Painted on location at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey and finished in Audra’s studio.

Experience Burton Chace Park.

  • Original works of art are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Title