The Wiltern

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost a decade, but last summer was the first time I truly noticed the Wiltern and I wondered again why I waited so long to go out and paint – and how could I be so unaware of the great places in Los Angeles?! It was designed in my favorite architectural style – art deco and also one of my favorite colors – turquoise green. In my usual ambitious way, I scheduled a painting trip, but unfortunately the trip turned into a location scout. I learned the lesson again I can’t always do a painting site unseen especially in the city. I went to film school, I should know better – technically it’s only one shot, but it’s a very important shot (that takes a bit of rendering time), so it still needs some planning.

Always Expect to do a Location Scout

In this case, the street corner where I intended to paint was way too busy. I like visitors, but I don’t like attracting a crowd especially if it disrupts the flow of traffic. I studied Wilternit from many other angles, including asking the nearby high rise apartment complex if they had any empty units from which to paint. I was given a call back telling me they didn’t have any empty units, and I would’ve had to pay (probably a pretty penny) to paint from an occupied unit. Since I was long gone by this point, I was glad I took photos. This small painting is a result of those reference materials. I don’t think it does the beautiful building justice, but at least I got a little something out of that day.

If you want to learn a bit more about the Wiltern, you can visit them here.

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