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What I do

Basically everything that I love to do has painting as the end goal. I draw and sculpt things so I can paint them. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy the process of drawing and sculpting too, but painting is the icing on the cake. One reason I love plein air (the act of painting outdoors) and oil painting is because it allows me to skip right to the painting part.

Note: I have stopped making the watercolor pendants to focus on ceramics, so what you see in the store is the last of its kind. However, if you want something special, I can be persuaded by a good idea and extra cash.

I have been on a round about journey to get to where I am today and it all contributes to the love of what I do.

Media and Tools

Awwdraws Gouache (thicker watercolors), watercolors, watercolor paper, red pencil, Procreate
Très Audra Paragon Quikfire Kiln, Georgie's wonderwhite clay, underglazes, clear glaze; gold, white gold, mother of pearl overglazes
Scenic Oil paints, canvas board, gouache, watercolor paper, Keni Kit Travel Paintbox, pochade box easel
Watercolor Pendants Watercolor paper, watercolors, metal bezels, glass cabochons, diamond glaze

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